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Top 3 Reasons to Buy Ennice Real Estate Now

With the 2020 pandemic showing no end in sight and numbers actually increased during the summer, many U.S. residents are making big decisions about their future. Some are deciding to retire earlier than originally planned, especially if they are employed in a field that doesn’t seem quite safe now. Others want to move out of crowded cities and find a peaceful rural or small-town property. If they love the Blue Ridge Mountains, these individuals might be interested in buying Ennice Real Estate in North Carolina.

Working Remotely

ennice real estateThe pandemic resulted in a large number of jobs being converted to remote work, at least temporarily. Many organizations and employees have discovered that remote work is completely suitable, at least some days of the week. Men and women who have this option now can buy real estate in or near Ennice and move there. They may set up a home office and not have to commute, or only go to the office one or two days a week. Parents of young children might come to the conclusion that this environment is healthier for the kids.

Retiring Early

Some employees have chosen early retirement because of the current situation, while others have essentially been forced into it. Since they no longer will be working full-time, this may seem like an ideal time to move to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Hospital and nursing home employees in their early 60s, for example, may have been planning to continue working until full Social Security retirement age. Now, however, they are concerned about the possibility of becoming infected at this age. Healthcare employees may worry about bringing the virus home to a spouse who has an underlying condition.

In other cases, people working in retail, restaurants, and cafeterias have been laid off. About 5 million retail employees are age 50 or older, according to a report from Fox Business. Those who do not get called back eventually will find their unemployment benefits running out. They may be unable to find a full-time job in this field again. Those who are approaching age 62 or are older than this may have to retire and start collecting Social Security benefits.

Locking in a Price

One important reason to buy real estate now is that prices in this region tend to keep increasing. This makes the property an excellent investment for the future. Many men and women decide to retire here or use a Blue Ridge house as a vacation home. With the beautiful mountains of North Carolina as everyday scenery, it’s no wonder that residential property prices continue to rise.